The ERC-Cool™ Sustainable Smart Contract

An improved implementation on the gas efficient ERC721A, that automates real world, perpetual carbon removal into any NFT use case.

The ERC-Cool™ is the world’s first sustainable smart contract, developed by Tres Cool™. This contract allows you to weave sustainability into the fabric of your project, in order to delight and satisfy your consumers and to build digital that cool’s our physical.

Use Cases and Examples
  • Sustainability is a business imperative, brands and creators must act, consumers demand it and digital goods are not immune to this demand. While this has been difficult to achieve up until now, the ERC-Cool™ is designed to simply and easily transform any NFT into a powerful sustainability tool, embedding action into the core of any NFT use case.

  • Whether it be Art, Music, Fashion, PFP, Membership Card, Tickets, In-Game Item, the ERC-Cool is designed to put carbon removal at the cutting edge of web3, culture, and technology and meet consumer demands.

  • For creators and brands it takes care of your sustainability needs with ultimate ease. Simply inherit the ERC-Cool, then choose the amount to be directed to carbon removal and we do the rest. The carbon is removed from our atmosphere, tokenized and deposited back into the initiating NFT - at each and every trade. This provides an additional layer of utility to your consumers and proves the positive impact.

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Gives permission to to to transfer tokenId token to another account. The approval is cleared when the token is transferred. Only a single account can be approved at a time, so approving the zero address clears previous approvals. Requirements: - The caller must own the token or be an approved operator. - tokenId must exist. Emits an "Approval" event.






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    Dec 20, 2022

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