Everything uploaded using thirdweb is automatically uploaded and pinned to IPFS.

Please connect your wallet to begin uploading.


Using our gateway, you can easily access files and folders stored on IPFS:

Gateway URL:[cid]


Using thirdweb CLI, you can easily upload files and folders to IPFS from your terminal:

npx thirdweb upload ./path/to/file-or-folder

Integrate into your app

import { ThirdwebStorage } from "@thirdweb-dev/storage";
// First, instantiate the thirdweb IPFS storage
const storage = new ThirdwebStorage();
// Here we get the IPFS URI of where our metadata has been uploaded
const uri = await storage.upload(metadata);
// This will log a URL like ipfs://QmWgbcjKWCXhaLzMz4gNBxQpAHktQK6MkLvBkKXbsoWEEy/0;
// Here we a URL with a gateway that we can look at in the browser
const url = await storage.resolveScheme(uri);
// This will log a URL like;
// You can also download the data from the uri
const data = await storage.downloadJSON(uri);

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