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thirdweb's Signature Drop contract

The Signature Drop contract uses the ERC721A standard to release a collection of unique one-of-one NFTs with lower gas fees for your community compared to the regular ERC721 standard used in the NFT Drop.

You lazy-mint your NFTs by uploading the metadata and configuring a single claim phase, laying out the rules for how your users can claim NFTs from your drop; such as an allowlist, release date, or delayed reveal.

The "signature" in the name refers to the signature-based minting feature, that allows you to grant users the ability to mint NFT(s) based on a custom set of criteria, checked on-demand. This feature is optional and separate from the claim phase conditions.

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the Signature Drop contract to:

  • Release a gas-optimized PFP Collection where each NFT has a different combination of traits

  • Allow users that meet certain criteria to be able to claim NFTs from your drop


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Contract details

  • Released: Sep 29, 2022

  • Licenses: MIT, Apache-2.0

  • ERC721

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