Equally distribute any token to community of NFT holders

ERC721CommunityStream allows you to create a token stream to equally distribute any tokens (Native, ERC20, etc) to holders of a specific ERC721 NFT collection.


You can use the sample config input below when deploying the contract:

  1. Contract address of ERC721 NFT collection. Only holders of this collection can claim the emitted tokens.

  2. Use a timestamp to be able to change stream configuration after that. Use 0 if changing configuration should be possible from beginning.

  3. Total numbers of NFT tokens available in the collection. This will help calculate how much each NFT will get from the token emission.

  4. Use a timestamp to control when claiming should be possible. Use 0 if claiming should be unlocked from beginning.

["YOUR_ERC721_CONTRACT_ADDRESS", "0", "100", "0"]

If you need an easier interface for deploying the contract, you can create a new ERC721CommunityStream via Flair Dashboard.


  1. You can control when claiming should be possible (lock/unclock capability).

  2. You can pay the gas fee and claim the funds from a stream towards community members.

  3. You can top-up the stream with any ERC20 or native token you own or have permission to mint.

  4. You can pull any tokens from the stream if needed (emergency withdraw).

  5. You can lock the recipient address for stream, so nobody can change it after that (sign of stronger decentralisation).


To manage all the above features for your ERC721CommunityStream after deployment, just import it in Flair Dashboard.

To use a custom claiming widget with full control take a look at this example.

Flair Dashboard

Quick Example

  1. Bob have already deployed an ERC721 NFT smart contract named Bob and Friends

  2. 100 community members have minted an NFT from Bob and Friends's NFT collection.

  3. Bob deploys an ERC721CommunityStream contract and import it in Flair Dashboard.

  4. Bob sets the royalty recipient of his NFT Collection as the address of newly created ERC721CommunityStream.

  5. Now, whenever there are secondary sales royalties from Bob's NFT collection, the funds will go to this ERC721CommunityStream.

  6. Bob can go to Flair Dashboard and claim all the secondary sales royalties toward community and share pre-built Claiming Page (available in Flair Dashboard) with them (see above screenshot).

  7. Now any of community members can go to the Claiming Page, connect their wallet and claim their share of secondary sales royalties, based on the number of NFTs they hold (1 NFT gets 1/100 share of royalties).

Learn More

To follow a more detailed tutorial, please check here.

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