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Solidity SDK

Build your own contract easily

Out-of-the-box base contracts and a set of reusable standards, or extensions, that can be integrated into your own smart contract.

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Base contracts for your needs

Fully featured base contracts (ERC721, ERC1155, ERC20) that are extendable. Build contracts for all types of web3 apps and games.

Extensions to add functionality

Use extensions to override or add functionality to fine-tune contract behavior, e.g. Royalties, Permissions, Staking, etc.

Out-of-the-box tooling

Get auto-generated SDKs and dashboards to build apps on top of your contracts and easily manage them.

Build contracts for your web3 apps and games

Contracts for every use case

Base Contracts

Fully featured base contracts, including ERC721, ERC1155 & ERC20. This provides capability to mint NFTs to sell on a marketplace, signature-based minting, batch lazy mint NFTs, delayed reveal and claim conditions to define how your NFTs can be claimed.

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Each extension that you implement in your smart contract unlocks corresponding functionality for you to utilize in the SDK.

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