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Build Web3 Commerce apps easily

With thirdweb you can now add powerful web3 features to your Shopify storefront enabling tokengated commerce, NFT loyalty programs, digital collectible sales, and more.

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Recognize loyal customers with NFTs

Distribute NFTs to your most loyal customers and create new customer segments for future campaigns.

Reward customers with exclusive access

Reward your customers and collab with other brands by tokengating your storefront. Give token holders exclusive access to products, discounts, and more when they connect their wallet to your store.

Grow your revenue with NFT sales

Create additional revenue streams with NFT sales. Sell NFTs directly through your storefront as a new product category or bundle with a physical product.

Reimagine customer experiences with web3 technologies


Prebuilt contracts or build your own with the Solidity SDK to distribute NFTs through your commerce app.

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Powerful SDKs enables you to build commerce apps that connects to users' wallets. Easily bootstrap projects with a single command.

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View and interact with your Shopify store smart contracts directly from a user interface, e.g. view all the NFTs that have been minted to your most loyal customers.

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Build web3 commerce apps with CommerceKit across multiple use cases

Launch customer loyalty reward programs

Distribute membership passes with contracts from Explore or using Solidity SDK. Reward your customers at different stages of their journey, from initial free “drops” to claiming rewards at checkout.

Sell digital collectibles

Merchants can sell digital collectibles direct from e-commerce store and collect royalties from secondary sales. (e.g. One-of-One’s, Open Editions, Trading packs)

Unlock both virtual and real world experiences

Sell digital tickets with exclusive access to online and offline events. Enable customers to redeem virtual items for real world items.

Add web3 data to your customer funnel

Authenticate web3 users using Auth. Merge data into existing CRM data stores. Get metrics and analytics around transactions and owners of digital assets and collections.

Start building web3 apps on Shopify

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"On platforms like Shopify, thirdweb has made building web3 e-commerce features and apps extremely simple and quick. We can now worry less about the development nuances of web3 and focus more on what merchants/users want and find valuable."

- Zain, Lazer Technologies.

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