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Revitalize your loyalty programs.

Activate new customer experiences that go beyond traditional tiered loyalty programs.

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Web3 Loyalty Programs.
Made easy.

Grow your customer base

Allow new customers to discover your brand by enabling customers to earn and redeem points from any company within your loyalty alliance ecosystem.

Increase customer lifetime value

Create communities and turn your customers into your biggest advocates by sending digital collectibles that they can own, trade, and redeem.

Unlock new revenue streams

Generate recurring revenue from membership subscriptions, sell digital assets from your storefront, and collect royalty fees from traded loyalty points.


Reimagine loyalty programs


What you can build.

Tiered Loyalty Program

Increase customer engagement by distributing loyalty points so that they can earn their way to discounts, access to exclusive merch, and more.

Multi-brand Loyalty Alliance

Create a loyalty alliance with other brands. Increase customer engagement by allowing customers to earn and redeem loyalty points across multiple brands.

Flexible Loyalty

Increase customer engagement by giving them more flexibility with loyalty programs. Allow loyalty points and membership accounts to be traded on marketplaces. Collect royalty fees on memberships sold.


Web3 Commerce.

Commerce SDK

A few lines of code to enable web3 use cases, including: loyalty program, digital coupons, memberships, and certificate of authenticity.

Email Wallet

Enable familiar web2-like sign in flows to increase user onboarding rates.


Loyalty contracts with metadata that stores specific membership details. Token-bound accounts.

Explore loyalty contracts

Build the future of loyalty programs today.

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