Airdrop ERC20 Claimable

Let wallets (optionally in an allowlist) claim an airdrop of ERC20 tokens.

thirdweb's AirdropERC20Claimable contract

The AirdropERC20Claimable contract is suitable to use when you want to airdrop ERC20 tokens to a list of recipient addresses, where these recipients are expected to individually claim their own airdrop.

When deploying this contract, you specify:

  • The address of the ERC20 token being airdropped.

  • The total token amount to airdrop.

  • The address of the owner of tokens from whom tokens will be transferred out in the airdrop.

  • The UNIX timestamp after which the airdrop period will expire.

  • A maximum claimable amount per wallet (claiming the airdrop).

  • An optional merkle root allowlist for recipients permitted to claim the airdrop.

On claiming an airdrop, a recipient specifies:

  • The address to transfer the claimed airdrop to.

  • The total quantity to claim.

  • The proof of inclusion in the merkle root allowlist, if it exists.

5.0.1 Release Notes

Official patch for Multicall disclosed in

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    Dec 18, 2023

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