Burn-To-Claim Drop (ERC721)

Burn an NFT to claim one from this NFT collection.

The BurnToClaimDropERC721 contract lets you distribute lazy minted NFTs by setting up claim phases / restrictions -- similar to NFT Drop.

The contract allows you to define a set of conditions called claim phases in a sequence which defines when and how your users can claim an NFT from your drop; including allowlists, release dates, claim limits, and delayed reveals.

When you add NFTs to your contract, they are not minted at this point. You prepare everything for your users by lazy minting them, so that other wallets can mint them

In addition to claim phases, you can specify an 'origin' NFT contract and charge a special price to holders, who can burn their NFT from the origin contract in order to claim one from this collection.

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the Burn-To-Claim contract to:

  • Release a PFP Collection where each NFT has a different combination of traits

  • Release NFTs of your artwork, and have your community mint them for a price

  • Create a restricted-access NFT drop, where only a specified list of wallets can claim NFTs

5.0.1 Release Notes

Official patch for Multicall disclosed in

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    Dec 18, 2023

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