Edition Drop

Release ERC1155 tokens for a set price.

thirdweb's Edition Drop contract

The Edition Drop contract is best used when you want to release many NFTs based on the same asset and uses the ERC1155 Standard, also known as "Semi-Fungible Tokens".

The Edition Drop contract allows you to define the conditions for when and how your users can mint an NFT, including allowlists, release dates, and claim limits.

OpenSea Creator Earnings Supported

Here's how creator earnings work on OpenSea. This contract supports OpenSea creator earnings by default; this support can be switched on and off by the contract admin, after deployment, by calling the setOperatorRestriction using the contract explorer.

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the Edition Drop contract to:

  • Create NFT Memberships such as our Early Access Cards that you want your users to claim

  • Release an item in your game for a limited-time

  • Create 100 NFTs based on one art piece, and allow users to claim one per wallet


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4.0.5 Release Notes

Update README: change term "creator fees" -> "creator earnings"


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    Jan 23, 2023

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    Apache-2.0, MIT

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