Dynamic Account Factory

Deploy upgradeable smart wallets for your users.

thirdweb's Dynamic Account Factory

All of thirdweb’s smart wallets are EIP-4337 smart contract wallets with role based permission control.

App developers can issue smart wallets to their users programmatically by deploying a smart wallet factory.

thirdweb’s smart wallets have the following features by default:

  • Have multiple owners

  • Execute transactions (single and batched).

  • Send and receive native tokens.

  • Send and receive ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs.

  • Multicall-able.

  • Store contract metadata.

Dynamic smart wallets ( DynamicAccount , DynamicAccountFactory )

The DynamicAccount smart wallet is an upgradeable smart contract written in the dynamic contract pattern.

App developers can issue DynamicAccount smart wallets programmatically by deploying a DynamicAccountFactory smart contract.

The admin of a DynamicAccount smart wallet is allowed to make upgrades to their own smart wallets. This is the right wallet for developers who anticipate providing opt-in upgrades to their users’ wallets.

Example use case of opt-in upgrades

A game with in-game NFT items wants to offer its players the ability to store their NFT items in a staking vault as soon as their wallets receive these NFTs. This would be an upgrade to the smart wallet contract’s onERC721Received and onERC1155Received transfer hooks.

The game can provide this upgrade as an opt-in upgrade to their players.





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