An open-to-mint ERC-721 NFT collection, where all NFTs have shared metadata.

thirdweb's OpenEdition ERC-721 contract

The OpenEditionERC721 contract is an 'open edition' ERC721 NFT collection. The contract uses the ERC-721A standard.

The OpenEdition ERC-721 contract is ideal when you want to release an open edition of NFTs like the Base, Introduced collection.

  • All NFTs in the contract have shared metadata except that each NFT has its unique token ID appended to the NFT's name. An admin can set this shared metadata at any time.

  • The contract does not require the admin to set a limit to the total supply of NFTs. The admin can set claim phases (like in NFT Drop) to apply restrictions on the minting of NFTs, such as a price, mint start and end times, etc.

OpenSea Creator Earnings Supported

Here's how creator earnings work on OpenSea. This contract supports OpenSea creator earnings by default; this support can be switched on and off by the contract admin, after deployment, by calling the setOperatorRestriction using the contract explorer.

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5.0.1 Release Notes

Official patch for Multicall disclosed in




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    Dec 18, 2023

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