SignatureDrop [OpenSea Creator Fees Supported]

Signature based claiming of ERC721 tokens.

thirdweb's SignatureDrop contract + Opensea Royalty Filter

thirdweb's SignatureDrop contract that uses OpenSea's Royalty Filter. Use this contract to ensure the distribution of royalties for your NFTs on OpenSea.

To set creator fees on OpenSea, go to your collection's OpenSea page, navigate to Edit, scroll down and finally set creator fees.

Note: This version of SignatureDrop does not support platform fees. We're working on supporting this asap.


The Signature Drop contract uses the ERC721A standard to release a collection of unique one-of-one NFTs with lower gas fees for your community compared to the regular ERC721 standard used in the NFT Drop.

You lazy-mint your NFTs by uploading the metadata and configuring a single claim phase, laying out the rules for how your users can claim NFTs from your drop; such as an allowlist, release date, or delayed reveal.

The "signature" in the name refers to the signature-based minting feature, that allows you to grant users the ability to mint NFT(s) based on a custom set of criteria, checked on-demand. This feature is optional and separate from the claim phase conditions.

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the Signature Drop contract to:

  • Release a gas-optimized PFP Collection where each NFT has a different combination of traits

  • Allow users that meet certain criteria to be able to claim NFTs from your drop


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    Dec 02, 2022

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