NFT Collection [OpenSea Creator Fees Supported]

Create collection of unique NFTs.

thirdweb's NFT contract + Opensea Royalty Filter

thirdweb's NFT contract that uses OpenSea's Royalty Filter. Use this contract to ensure the distribution of royalties for your NFTs on OpenSea.

To set creator fees on OpenSea, go to your collection's OpenSea page, navigate to Edit, scroll down and finally set creator fees.

NFT Collection

The NFT Collection contract is suitable for when you want to have a collection of unique NFTs, but not "drop" or "release" them for your community to claim.

Unlike the NFT Drop contract, the NFT Collection contract does not lazy mint your NFTs. Instead, NFTs are minted immediately when they are added to the collection.

This means you can still transfer the NFTs or sell them on a Marketplace and perform any other actions you would expect to do with an NFT.

For advanced use-cases, the NFT Collection also has signature-based minting capabilities.

Use Cases & Examples

You could use the NFT Collection contract to:

  • Create a 1-of-many collection of your photography

  • Create a 1-of-1 NFT that provides special utility

  • Mint your artwork as NFTs and then sell them on a Marketplace

  • Create a community-made NFT collection


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    Dec 02, 2022

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