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Wallet SDK

Connect any wallet

Connect any wallet to your apps, from custodial wallets to non-custodial wallets.

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Build any wallet experience, including support for: non-custodial wallets, custodial wallets, MPC wallets, email wallets, and more. Cross-platform support (Web, Mobile, Unity).


We’ve made the entire web3 wallet development simple. Out-of-the-box UI components for ConnectWallet button. SDK to connect with any wallet providers with our Connectors. Ready-to-deploy starter bases for smart wallets.


Use Wallet SDK as a turnkey out-of-the box solution or bring your own provider/solutions to complement with parts of our Wallet SDK.

Connect Wallet Button

One line of code to add a Connect Wallet UI component to React, React Native and Unity apps.

Access the largest catalog of wallets, from custodial to MPC to smart contracts.

How it works

How it works

Connect Wallet

Out-of-the-box UI components to easily integrate into your apps and games with cross-platform support (Unity, React, ReactNative).

Enable end users to connect with popular wallets (170+ supported) across all types of wallets. Includes Safe multi-sig support.

Local Wallet

Powerful tool with raw capabilities to build your own fully featured wallet solution

Everything you need to build your own fully featured wallet— from generating wallets on the backend to managing wallets (importing & exporting keys, save keys to secure storage, and private key recovery).

Smart Wallet

Deploy and manage ERC-4337 smart contract wallets for you users. Unlock fully programmable wallets with transaction batching, multiple owners, conditional gasless and your own custom functionality.

What you can build with Wallet SDK

Improve your onboarding with an invisible web3 wallet experience


User logs into mobile web3 game as “guest”

Developer generates a local wallet for user

User receives digital assets as they play game

Later on, user can upgrade local wallet to a non-custodial wallet so they can have full control of their digital assets

Learn how to build

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