Authenticate users with their wallets

Authenticate users with just their wallet. Build powerful web3 functionality into web2 experiences.

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Simplify sign-in flow

Simplify sign in flow by allowing any user to sign-in to any app using their web3 wallet.

Verify on-chain identities

Built on the SIWE (Sign-in with Ethereum) standard. Securely verify a user's on-chain identity, without relying on a centralized database to verify their identity.

Secure token authentication

Secure your backend with a web3-compatible authentication system compliant with the widely used JSON Web Token standard.

Integrate web3 into your apps and games

Powerful SDKs to integrate web3-compatible authentication into your apps and games. Works with any backend, framework, or service.

import { ThirdwebSDK } from "@thirdweb-dev/sdk/evm";
const sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("goerli");
// Login with a single line of code
const payload = await sdk.auth.login();
// And verify the address of the logged in wallet
const address = await sdk.auth.verify(payload);

Auth for every use case

Explore use cases that require user's wallet addresses on the backend.

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