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The complete toolkit for Web3 Authentication

Easy auth for the most popular web3 wallets and web2 login flows — so you can verify your users’ identities & prove wallet ownership to off-chain systems.

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Instant onboarding

Enable any user to verify their identity using web2 sign-in flows such as an email, phone number, or social account — and auto-generate a wallet for them.

Web3-first auth

Build web3 apps with secure, self-custodied, web3-first authentication for your users.

Seamless DX

Powerful SDKs to integrate web3-compatible auth into your app — working with any backend, framework, or service.

Onchain identity verification

Built on the SIWE (Sign-in with Ethereum) standard. Securely verify a user's on-chain identity, without relying on a centralized database to verify their identity.

Comprehensive wallet management

Auth includes a wide range of key management infrastructure for wallets.

Secure token authentication

Secure your backend with a web3-compatible authentication system compliant with the widely used JSON Web Token standard.

What You Can Build

Passwordless auth

Enable users to seamlessly log into any app with just a web3 wallet or web2 login.

Identity verification systems

Securely verify a user's onchain identity & grant them access to gated resources, interaction with your app, and the ability to receive payments with ETH or ERC-20 tokens.

Onchain & offchain data

Understand your users better by merging their web2 and web3 identities — with rich on-chain data.

Learn how to build

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