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Build blockchain games on any platform

Add web3 features to your game on all platforms, including: Native, Mobile, Console, Browser and VR.

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Unlock new revenue streams

Primary sales and royalty fees from secondary sales for in-game assets represented as NFTs.

Increase user retention

Reward your players with in game currency and digital assets.

Engage with your community

Enable access to other games within the studio seamlessly by creating an immersive ecosystem.

Create new gaming universes

Cat Attack Mobile

Viral web3 mobile game Cat Attack built in just 2 days using thirdweb.
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Web3 Warriors

An Onchain Survival Game. Escape the dungeon by battling terrifying bosses.
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We enable the customization needed for a complex game economy with our powerful Gaming SDK.

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Deploy any game to any EVM chain (900+).

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Monitor all of your game insights including transaction count, volume, gas spend per contract to inform your game development.

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The best web3 games are built using thirdweb

Focus on building a great game and let us do the rest.

Heroic Story

Launched at #1 on OpenSea resulting in 1K+ NFTs and over 400+ETH in Volume.


100K+ monthly active wallets and 1.5M+ monthly on-chain transactions.


Opened access for all games to 900+ chains with one simple integration.

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