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Monetize with in-game asset sales

Get additional revenue streams with primary sales and royalty fees from secondary sales for in-game assets represented as NFTs.

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Our SDKs detect extensions in contracts to handle all common contract operations for devs without the need for boiler plate.

Frictionless web3 experience for players

Generate wallets for players on the back-end. Remove the need for disruptive transaction pop-ups entirely with Device Wallet.

Connect to web3 easily.

The ultimate development framework for all types of web3 games: free-to-own, play-to-earn, nft game, etc. Powerful Gaming Engine SDKs to integrate web3 features into your game.

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using Thirdweb;
public class Example : MonoBehaviour {
void Start() {
ThirdwebSDK sdk = new ThirdwebSDK("goerli");
string address = "0xb1c42E0C4289E68f1C337Eb0Da6a38C4c9F3f58e";
NFTCollection nft = sdk.GetContract(address);
List<NFT> nfts = await contract.ERC721.GetAll()

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Get inspiration from viral web3 game Cat Attack built in just 2 days using thirdweb.

Cat Attack


The first game built on Base.

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Discover ready-to-go contracts for popular gaming use cases. Our powerful Gaming SDK enables you to easily integrate web3 features into games across native, mobile, console, browser, and VR platforms.
Unity SDK available now.
Unreal Engine SDK coming soon.

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Deploy web3 games to any EVM chain (700+). Seamless contract deployment workflow designed for web3 dev teams to easily collaborate.

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A single dashboard to configure your contracts and monitor contract activity for all your game's deployed contracts. Get insights on transaction count, volume, gas spend per contract to inform your game development.

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Purchase Vehicle NFTs from an in-game marketplace and start earning ERC20 tokens used to buy upgrades.


Complete quests to earn in-game currency and buy NFTs from a marketplace that you can view in your inventory.

NFT Lootbox

Purchase NFT loot boxes from a marketplace and open them to reveal randomly selected NFTs inside!

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