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RPC Edge

Enterprise-grade RPCs, for free

Free RPCs with high data reliability, throughput, and uptime — so that you can build production-grade web3 apps that scale.

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Build production-grade web3 apps

The fastest & most robust RPC provider with global edge for low latency

Scale to millions of users, securely

High data reliability, throughput, and uptime for production-grade web3 apps

Support for all EVM-compatible chains

Build on any (or many) chains with full EVM-compatibility — with support for Layer 2 networks, appchains, & more

High data reliability

High request-per-second throughput

High uptime (99.9% infrastructure SLAs)

Intelligent routing with global edge

Any EVM Chain

What You Can Build

Massively-Multiplayer Games

Scale to millions of users across the world with global RPC edge caching.

DeFi Protocols

Build decentralized finance platforms with maximum security — such as onchain exchanges, lending protocols, and staking platforms.

Brand Activations

Execute mass-scale digital campaigns with NFT drops — with high data reliability, throughput, and uptime.

The best web3 apps use thirdweb's smart contract tools

Seamlessly integrate your smart contracts into any app so you can focus on building a great user experience.

Base Launches its First Builder Quest & Brings New Developers Onchain

Mirror Empowers Creators to Build Engaged Audiences with Subscriber NFTs

Layer3 Powers Web3 Adoption through Gamified Experiences & NFT Rewards

Start building today.

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