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Launch smart contracts on any EVM chain securely

Deploy smart contracts to any EVM network, using a single command or a few clicks from our dashboard. No more copying ABIs or sharing private keys.

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Simplify your workflow

Decrease your go-to-market time by deploying smart contracts with one command line or with a few clicks on our dashboard. A simplified workflow for developers, with no more copying ABIs or generating bindings.

Deploy securely

Eliminate any risk from your workflow. No need to share private keys as deployment is managed via our dashboard. No need to deal with insecure and unfunded private keys required with local deploys.

Build on any contract

Unlock a full Web3 development stack for any smart contract. Access powerful tooling that allows you to easily build apps on top of your contracts, including Wallets, SDKs, Payments and Infrastructure.


1-line command for deploying contracts.

Dashboard user interface

For deploying contracts, no need to share private keys.

Managed infrastructure

No need to set RPC URL and automatically upload and pin contract metadata to IPFS.

Automatic verification

Contracts are automatically verified on Sourcify.

What You Can Build

Digital Collectibles

Deploy ERC-721 or ERC-1155 NFT smart contracts with lazy minting to let your audience claim or purchase digital collectibles.


Build your own fully-customizable marketplace — where you can sell directly to your audiences, create auctions that users can bid on, and enable anyone to trade digital assets.

Account Abstraction

Deploy account factories for your app — using account abstraction to give your users powerful features such as wallet recovery, multi-signature security, & batch transactions.

Web3 Games

Build blockchain-based games with collectible in-game items and in-game economies using NFTs, native tokens and more.

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Seamlessly deploy smart contracts on any EVM chain so you can focus on building a great app.

Start building today.

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