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In-App Wallets

The power of web3, with web2 UX

Onboard anyone with an email or Google account — with 1-click login flows, flexible auth options, and secure account recovery. Free up to 10k users.

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Flexible flows so you can onboard your way

Seamless onboarding with managed auth

Let users access your app instantly an email address, Google account, or social logins.

Integrate with your own custom auth

Spin up in-app wallets for your users with your app or game's existing auth system.

Cross-platform support

Enable users to log into their accounts (and access their wallets) from any device, in one click. Support for web, mobile, & Unity.

Abstract away complexity for your users

Get started with In-App Wallets

Read the docs, see the live demo, and use the quick-start template to build with In-App Wallets.

Docs: In-App Wallets Overview

Live Demo: In-App Wallets

Quick-Start Template: In-App Wallet + Account Abstraction

See the full In-App Wallet docs

Integrate in a few lines of code.

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