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Share your smart contracts with the world

Get a landing page for your contract and enable anyone to deploy it securely to any EVM chain — in 1 click.

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Grow your protocol

Accelerate your smart contract's adoption by making it easily discoverable and deployable — and get it in front of 100k+ web3 developers.

A full web3 stack

Make it easy for devs to build apps on your contracts. Give builders access to a full product suite when they deploy.

Secure team deployment

Let your team securely deploy your smart contracts. No need to share private keys or copy, paste ABIs.

Shareable landing page

Publish your smart contract & get a personalized landing page — so that others can explore your contract, view its source code, and deploy it in clicks.


Bring your existing smart contracts & make them instantly deployable on any EVM chain — leveraging thirdweb's tools for full EVM-compatibility.

Autogenerated SDKs & dashboard

When you deploy a published contract, you get autogenerated SDKs and dashboards that let you manage your contract and help you easily build apps on top of it.

What You Can Build

Public Goods & Ethereum Standards

Share your contracts with the world & get featured amongst world-class engineers & protocols on thirdweb Explore — with standards for token-bound accounts, rentable NFTs, membership tokens, and much more.

Tools for Onchain Teams

Enable your team to deploy any smart contract securely without needing to know how to deploy a smart contract — so that you can collaborate with them safely onchain.

Make your contracts discoverable

Learn how to publish and deploy your smart contracts to any EVM chain in 1 click.

Introducing thirdweb Publish

Share your smart contracts with thirdweb Publish

Start building today.

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