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Build blockchain games on any platform

Add web3 features to your game on all platforms, including: Native, Mobile, Console, Browser and VR.

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Unlock new revenue streams

Primary sales and royalty fees from secondary sales for in-game assets represented as NFTs.

Increase user retention

Reward your players with in game currency and digital assets.

Engage with your community

Enable access to other games within the studio seamlessly by creating an immersive ecosystem.

Create new gaming universes

Cat Attack Mobile

Viral web3 mobile game Cat Attack built in just 2 days using thirdweb.
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Web3 Warriors

An Onchain Survival Game. Escape the dungeon by battling terrifying bosses.
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What You Can Build

Frictionless onboarding experience
Uninterrupted game play
Subscription and All Access passes
Interoperable game ecosystems
Game appchain
Marketplace for digital assets

Frictionless onboarding experience

Get users onboarded quickly with familiar email and social log-ins— we create game wallets on behalf of users. Purchases can be made via credit card, Apple/Google Pay.



Embedded Wallets

Smart Wallet

NFT Checkout


User sign-in to app with their email or social log-in


Wallet is created on behalf of the user abstracting away crypto entirely


User interacts with app seamlessly— without disruptive transaction pop-ups


Unity and Unreal SDK support.


Onboard all of your users with a beautiful Connect Wallet modal, flexible sign-in options for web2 & web3, and powerful hooks for full customizability.

Embedded Wallet

Give any user the keys to web3 with familiar web2 login flows. Choose from non-custodial or custodial solutions & enable users to sign in with an email, phone number, or social account.

Smart Wallet

Transform your app's user experience with signless transactions, multi-signature security, account recovery and more.

NFT Checkout

Let users buy digital assets with a credit card, via a one-click checkout flow. Onboard anyone, even if they've never create a wallet or bought crypto before.

Sponsored Transactions

Create seamless web3 UX by sponsoring users' gas fees — for any & all transactions. No more disruptive transaction popups or bridging & swapping funds.


Power your Web3 app with production-grade APIs, including auth, smart contracts, backend wallets, gasless transactions, and managed infrastructure. Get beta access.


Easy auth for the most popular web3 wallets and web2 login flows — so you can verify your users' identities & prove wallet ownership to off-chain systems.


The complete toolkit to add any smart contract into your apps — and call functions for any type of onchain interaction.

The best web3 apps use thirdweb's smart contract tools

Seamlessly integrate your smart contracts into any app so you can focus on building a great user experience.

Heroic Story Uses Dynamic NFTs to Build a Web3, Free-to-Own MMORPG Fantasy Game

Pixels Builds an On-Chain Ecosystem for its Open-World Web3 Game

Fractal, web3 Gaming Platform and Marketplace for the Best Blockchain Games, Expands to EVM Chains

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