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Screenshot of NFT Gallery template

NFT Gallery

View the metadata of all NFTs in your collection, where you can filter and sort by traits & properties.



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Screenshot of NFT Gallery template

Get started

Kick start your project by copying this command into your CLI.

npx thirdweb create --template nft-gallery


Showcase your NFT collection with a gallery application that allows users to view the metadata of all NFTs in your collection.

  • Built with our React SDK.
  • Uses Vite, TypeScript, and Tailwind.
  • Compatible with both ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT collections.
  • Display all NFTs from your collection using the NFT Media Renderer UI component.
  • Search for NFTs by token ID, or paginate through all NFTs.
  • Compatible with all EVM chains.

Running locally

Deploy a new NFT collection or import your existing one using the dashboard.

Set your smart contract address and chain name in the consts/parameters.ts file.

Run the application from the command line:

npm run dev

This will make the application available to preview at http://localhost:3000.