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Making the internet more open and valuable for builders and users.

thirdweb provides a full stack platform for web3 with tools that work on any EVM chain.

It's a simple and cohesive developer experience.

Over 70,000 web3 developers trust thirdweb to build web3 apps and games. thirdweb's tools are designed to help developers build apps and experiences which are seamless for users and abstract away the blockchain.

thirdweb will...

Expand web3

Building a better developer experience will expand the potential of blockchain technology. By lowering the barrier to entry for builders, we will increase the velocity that great teams can ship and unlock new experiences with web3.

Give ownership to users

Ownership is inherent to the human experience. We believe that people should have the same property rights over their digital assets as they do their physical assets. We are enabling the next generation of apps which will unlock digital ownership for 5 billion+ internet users.

Give control to developers

Developers should have full control over their stack. thirdweb is designed to to allow developers to assemble and reassemble different parts of our tools and provide their own configurations. thirdweb has no servers, and every contract or app is owned by the developer.

Open-source web3

There is infinite upside to building in open. Open-sourcing all of our tools increases transparency and security for the whole industry. Anybody can contribute to thirdweb by proposing new features, identifying bugs and optimising gas.

Who is thirdweb for?

We believe that the most compelling use cases of blockchain technology will be found by crypto-native builders and startups who are building with web3 at the heart of their app. thirdweb is built by web3 native builders for web3 native builders.

Why web3?

Web3 will unlock the true potential of the internet by enabling digital ownership for users and generating more revenue for builders.



  • Read only
  • Collection of protocols anyone can build
  • Open-source
  • Permissionless


  • Read-write
  • Collection of platforms aggregating traffic
  • Closed
  • Permissioned


  • Read-Write-Own
  • Collection of protocols anyone can build
  • Open-source
  • Permissionless
  • Decentralized

But how?

Web3 enables developers to build internet products with public backends. This unlocks some powerful new digital experiences:

However, there are two major obstacles to mass adoption.


Developer complexity

To build a web3 app, developers need to piece together 10+ different tools that don't natively talk to each other — creating a messy, fragmented DX that stifles innovation.

User experience

To interact with an onchain app, users must create a wallet, store their private keys, purchase & transfer crypto, pay gas, and sign a transaction for every action — creating a daunting onboarding process that stifles adoption.

solves for both.

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