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thirdweb is on a mission to make the internet more open and valuable for both builders and users. Be part of a curated group of builders, with access to the latest tools and features, bringing awareness on a global scale.

Architect Characteristics

You are insatiably curious about new web3 tools.

You revel in creating and sharing web3 content.

You forge lasting connections with others.

You are a passionate builder.

Architect Responsibilities

Be a thirdweb brand ambassador

Advocate for thirdweb's toolset and its role in web3.

Build your projcts. Share the results.

Showcase your projects built using thirdweb through your favorite social media

Support the newcomers

Assist community members by answering questions, troubleshooting issues, and providing guidance.


Grow the community by welcoming new members, initiating discussions, and reaching out to potential individuals.


Ignite your tech passion and contribute to the future of the web, all while enjoying exclusive rewards tailored to your dedication.

Enhance your skills with exclusive workshops and the latest in web3.

Fuel your web3 passion with a platform to explore, create and innovate.

Get rewarded with exclusive benefits such as free thirdweb credits.


Influce the web3 community, inspire engagement, advocate for open internet, and shape the future of the web3 ecosystem.


Grow your personal brand from recognition on our pages.


Learn directly from experts on web3 development and related topics.

Feedback Sessions

Participate in feedback sessions that have a direct impact on the thirdweb toolset


Meet like-minded individuals and grow your network in web3.

Become A Thought Leader

Establish yourself as a thought leader in the web3 industry.


Innovate through the latest tools and contribute to an ever evolving codebase.

Gain early access to the latest tools and experiment with cutting edge technology.

Build brand new experienes with the thirdweb toolset.

Be involved in stages of product design and direction.

Push the boundary of what's possible in web3 with thirdweb.

Meet the Ambassadors.



Creative Owls


Danny Roberts


Frank Ramos


Matt Wong


Naman Garg


Paula Signo


Samu ​​Sarmiento


Tanay Patel


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