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Every smart contract in one library

Browse smart contracts from the world's best engineers & protocols, for every use case — and deploy them to any EVM chain.

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Discover your next idea

Browse our extensive collection of the most popular and unique smart contracts being built with today. Uncover cutting-edge Web3 use-cases before anyone else.

Accelerate development

Easily deploy any contract to any EVM chain with a single click. No need for private keys or scripts. Start building instantly by unlocking our full product suite.

Cheaper to deploy

thirdweb is up to 10x cheaper to deploy new contracts, when leveraging proxy contracts.

Smart contracts for every use case

Pre-built & audited smart contracts for the most popular Ethereum standards (ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-20).

Deployable on any EVM chain

Use thirdweb's smart contract tools with native EVM-compatibility — so you can build web3 apps on any of 900+ blockchains.

Ready-to-ship in a few clicks

No need to copy-paste ABIs or use private keys when deploying smart contracts — simply configure your smart contract's metadata & hit “Deploy”.

What You Can Build

NFT Drops and Marketplaces

Use popular contracts to quickly build common Web3 apps.

Web3 Games

Every contract you need to build blockchain based games with in-game assets powered by NFTs, and an in-game economy powered by a native token.

Account Abstraction

Deploy account factories for your app — using account abstraction to give your users powerful features such as wallet recovery, multi-signature security, & batch transactions.

Build apps with smart contracts you can trust

Start building with pre-built smart contracts, or build your own with our Solidity SDK

Build a Web3 Customer Loyalty Program (Loyalty Card)

Build an NFT Subscription App (Unlock Protocol Membership)

Build a Gas-Optimized NFT Drop (ERC721A)

Start building today.

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