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Build smart contracts with Solidity, fast

Deploy pre-built audited smart contracts — or write your own with our Solidity SDK. Available on any EVM chain.

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Ship onchain faster

Reduce development time with pre-built contracts which work out-of-the box, or use our SDK to build custom contracts with advanced functionality from scratch.

Built for developers

Bespoke tools for your contracts, based on the extensions you choose - including higher level functionality in our SDK, tailored data feeds and intuitive error messages.

Complete security

Keep your user's accounts and funds secure with audited and battle-tested contracts. Every pre-built contract has undergone a full audit by our security partners, 0xMacro.

Base contracts

Pre-built smart contracts for the most popular Ethereum standards (ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-20) to build on top of or modify — that you can deploy in clicks, work out-of-the-box, and do not require any functions to be implemented.


Solidity interfaces and industry standards that are recognizable by the Dashboard and unlock functionality in the SDKs. They are composable pieces of logic that can be added to base contracts easily.

Any Chain

Smart contracts that work with any EVM-compatible chain out of the box — so you can build any web3 app on Ethereum mainnet, a layer 2 networks, or your own custom appchain.

What You Can Build

Digital Collectibles

Launch collections of NFTs that bring you closer to your audiences & grow your brand's digital presence. Create custom mint experiences for any customer with allowlists, dynamic pricing, delayed artwork reveal, and more custom features. (NFT Contracts).


Build your own fully-customizable marketplace — where you can sell directly to your audiences, create auctions that users can bid on, and enable anyone to trade digital assets. (Marketplace Contracts).

Web3 Games

Build blockchain powered games where users can collect digital assets as NFTs — creating thriving in-game economies, increasing retention, and generating more revenue.

Learn how to build smart contracts with Solidity

Start building with pre-built smart contracts, or build your own with our Solidity SDK

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