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Web3 onboarding, for everyone

Onboard all of your users with a beautiful Connect Wallet modal, flexible sign-in options for web2 & web3, and powerful hooks for full customizability.

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A fully customizable Connect Wallet component

Create a login experience that's tailor-made for your app. Add your wallets of choice, enable web2 sign-in options and create a modal that fits your brand.



React Native


Coinbase Wallet
Trust Wallet
Zerion Wallet
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Embedded Wallet
Magic Link
Nouns Dao
Web3 Warriors

See thirdweb Connect in action

Create a powerful Connect Wallet experience for your app.

Build your own

Every way to connect a wallet

Your Connect Wallet experience

Build custom onboarding flows with a powerful UI component — with web3 & web2 login options, personalized branding & themes, and everything you need to tailor it to your app.

Instant onboarding for all

Onboard users with just an email, phone, or social account. Generate wallets for your users under the hood, or empower them to create their first self-custodial wallet.

Best-in-class DX

Integrate with just a few lines of code — with an interactive builder, powerful hooks for full customization, and onchain analytics.

Get started with thirdweb Connect

See our quick-start guides to add powerful login experiences into your web3 app.

The Quick-Start Guide to thirdweb Connect

Add a Connect Wallet Button to Your App or Website

Create Your Own Custom Connect Wallet Button

See all of our Connect guides

Integrate in a few lines of code.

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