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Seamlessly integrate smart contracts into your apps

The complete toolkit to add any smart contract into your apps — and call functions for any type of onchain interaction.

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An intuitive DX

Integrate smart contracts into any app with SDKs that detect contract extensions and handle any kind of onchain interaction.

Fine-grained control

Manage, read & write, and monitor any smart contract — with quick access to custom contract configurations like royalty fees, signature-based minting, & more.

Onchain insights

Get onchain data & understand activity on your smart contracts with an easy-to-use analytics dashboard.

Manage contracts

Manage all of your smart contracts from the dashboard. Configure your contract settings, view contract events, and check source code of your contract — all tailored to the contract's detected extensions & industry standards.

Read & write to contracts

Integrate smart contracts into your app, call any & all functions, and have code snippets auto-generated based on your contract's supported extensions — for React, React Native, TypeScript, Python, Unity, and Go — on any chain.

Monitor contracts

View historical and real-time contract activity, including: unique wallet addresses that have sent transactions, total transaction count, total events, function breakdown, and events breakdown by contract.

What You Can Build

NFT & token mints

Deploy any smart contract, add custom extensions for advanced functionality, & instantly add it to any app — with an auto-generated mint embed so that your users can claim & mint NFTs directly from within it.

App clients & analytics

Plug any existing smart contract into your app via our SDK to read from & write to it — so that you can build anything from app clients to insights aggregators, complete with intuitive data feeds for onchain analytics.

Web3 apps, games & marketplaces

Build blockchain-powered games & marketplaces using all of the smart contracts you need — with functions for token minting & redemption, buying & selling, burning, and everything else you need to build full-stack web3 apps.

The best web3 apps use thirdweb's smart contract tools

Seamlessly integrate your smart contracts into any app so you can focus on building a great user experience.

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Start building today.

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