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Add marketplaces to any app or game

Deploy marketplace contract to any EVM chain. Multi-platform supported including desktop, mobile, and game engines.

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Any Platform

Multi-platform support including desktop, mobile and game engines.

Flexible configuration

Sell NFTs on your own marketplace with flexible listing options, e.g. fixed price, auctions, best offer. Create a secondary marketplace for your users to trade digital assets and collect % royalty fees.

Best-in-class DX

Integrate with just a few lines of code — with an interactive builder, powerful hooks for full customization, and onchain analytics.

Marketplace Contract

thirdweb's marketplace contract is a dynamic contract that allows the marketplace to be upgraded over time with new functionality.


The complete toolkit to add any smart contract into your apps — and call functions for any type of onchain interaction.


Browse smart contracts from the world's best engineers & protocols, for every use case — and deploy them to any EVM chain.

What You Can Build

Primary sales
Secondary marketplaces

Primary sales

Allow your users to list, buy, and sell items, e.g. digital assets or loyalty memberships.





Deploy Marketplace contract from Explore to any EVM chain (900+ supported).


Create an ecosystem for collectors to Configure Marketplace contract, e.g. % platform fee collected on any sale.


Integrate Marketplace contract into your apps and games using SDK in multiple languages.

Start building today.

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