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Mint and distribute NFTs easily

Mint and distribute NFTs through your app with only a few lines of code.

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Go-to-market fasters

A Web3 API that allows you to easily interact with contracts and integrate with your existing web2 systems. Simplify the development process by consolidating multiple libraries, vendors, and contract interactions into a single SDK.

Flexible Configuration

Build your own minting solution with embeddable SDKs, self-hosted minting API or use thirdweb managed service minting API.

Owned By You

Non-custodial ownership model. Apps and contracts built with our tools are completely owned by you. No other parties have control over your apps and contracts.


A broad set of options for distributing NFTs including claimable drops, private/public sales, airdrops, open editions, delayed reveals.


Integrate minting into applications using a variety of web3 API configurations including as an distributing NFTs , self-hosted via a web3 REST API or as a managed service.


Enable free/gasless mints using a Gasless Relayer.

The best web3 apps use thirdweb's smart contract tools

Seamlessly integrate your smart contracts into any app so you can focus on building a great user experience.

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Mirror Empowers Creators to Build Engaged Audiences with Subscriber NFTs

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