Mint and distribute NFTs easily

Enable your users to mint, deploy and distribute NFTS through your app with only a few lines of code.

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Go-to-market faster

A Web3 API that allows you to easily interact with contracts and integrate with your existing web2 systems. Simplify the development process by consolidating multiple libraries, vendors, and contract interactions into a single SDK.

Flexible Configuration

Build your own minting solution with embeddable SDKs, self-hosted minting API or use thirdweb managed service minting API.

Owned by you

Non-custodial ownership model. Apps and contracts built with our tools are completely owned by you. No other parties have control over your apps and contracts.

Create and transfer NFTs easily

const txResult = await sdk.deployer.deployBuiltInContract(
// Contract name
name: "My ERC1155",
// Address that'll take the primary sale revenue
primary_sale_recipient: "{{user_address}}",
// Optionally take a free of primary sale revenue
platform_fee_recipient: "{{admin_address}}",
// 10% fee
platform_fee_basis_points: 1000,


A broad set of options for distributing NFTs including claimable drops, private/public sales, airdrops, open editions, delayed reveals as well as free/gasless mints using a Gasless Relayer.

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Integrate minting into applications using a variety of web3 API configurations including as an embedded SDK, self-hosted via a web3 REST API or as a managed service.

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Analytics via a Dashboard and API for balances, gas spent, transactions and owners.

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Build complete NFT experiences with our Minting solution

What can you build with our minting solution

Powering top web3 projects

Learn how other web3 projects are using our minting solution.


Used thirdweb's embedded minting SDK to launch their Quickstart product allowing non-crypto customers to launch an NFT collection in two steps.

Polygon 0xmint

Integrated thirdweb's minting solution into the 0xmint minting API to allow developers to launch new NFT collections.

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