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10x customer retention with next-gen loyalty

Supercharge loyalty throughout the customer journey— from activation to advocating for your brand. Turn your customers into superfan communities by giving them digital ownership.

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Grow your customer base

Allow new customers to discover your brand by enabling customers to earn and redeem points from any company within your icons alliance ecosystem.

Increase customer lifetime value

Create communities and turn your customers into your biggest advocates by sending digital collectibles that they can own, trade, and redeem.

Unlock new revenue streams

Generate recurring revenue from membership subscriptions, sell digital assets from your storefront, and collect royalty fees from traded loyalty points.

What You Can Build

Frictionless onboarding experience
Cross-brand Collaborations
Personalized loyalty programs
Gamified reward-based quests
Subscription membership passes
Sell digital assets
Multi-alliance loyalty marketplaces
Customer Analytics

Frictionless onboarding experience

Get users onboarded quickly with familiar email and social log-ins— we create wallets on behalf of users. Non-custodial wallets to give users a better authentication experience with more security and privacy.


Connect UI

In-App Wallets

Sponsored Transactions

Account Abstraction


User sign-in to app with their email or social log-in


Wallet is created on behalf of the user abstracting away crypto entirely


User interacts with app seamlessly— without disruptive transaction pop-ups

Evolving NFTs

Give your loyal customers an NFT that evolves based on other asset holdings in user's wallet. This enables you to create a tiered membership NFT that dynamically updates through different membership tiers (e.g. bronze, silver, gold) as the user receives on-chain loyalty points.

Token Bound Account

Convert NFTs into a smart contract wallet. This enables the NFT to hold other on-chain assets and enable bundled easy transfer of loyalty accounts and points. This enables the Multi-Alliance Loyalty Program use case where entire membership accounts can be traded.

Commerce SDK

An intuitive developer-first SDK that makes it easier for you to distribute loyalty tokens to a wallet address, distribute membership NFTs, generate on-chain discount codes, and enable token-gated access to exclusive products.

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